Supacademia is managed and maintained by a multidisciplinary staff comprising: ITs, designers, programmers, network administrators and e-learning specialists.

The staff skills cover all technical and pedagogical aspects of eLearning implementation.

The Supacademia staff is led by Dr ELY Mustapha who is  Professor, network administrator, elearning specialist and international consultant in eLearning technologies.

What are our competitive assets?

  • Our tailored e-Learning approach
  • Implementation of a broader vision of e-Learning
  • The Quality Assurance methodology ensured along the project
  • Implementation support services

We analyse the purpose, audience and complexity of the topic and determine what kind of e-Learning solution to adopt. We ensure an engaging experience for end-users through our commitment to:

  • create e-Learning training content and transform legacy training material into state-of-the-art e-Learning training modules
  • use of open source and proprietary LMS
  • use of Articulate® and Avantis ®software and a proprietary Learning management System for the hosting of your training catalogue
  • work with professional, and qualified actors for the integration of multimedia resources.