You are looking for a strong reliable and ready to use e-learning solution fitting your company training needs?

Supacademia provides it to you in the shortest delay and with affordable price. Supacademia is a leading  company providing  solutions for e-learning trainings (academic, educational and professional)

Creating a Request for Proposal or Quotation is really important and we can help you create these to get best value for money and right solution. This can be for selecting an authoring tool or learning management system.

We can advise on learning design as well.

The real advantage we bring is that we can wrap this all into a coherent, clear road map ( Design, Development and Deployment)  of your elearning project.

Supacademia designs elearning for operational and legislative requirements, system simulations, drills,tests and quizzes.

Our company can also convert existing elearning, PowerPoint or paper content to engaging effective elearning.

We develop using rapid elearning tools or bespoke elearning development techniques, always working closely with you, we can develop for PC, Smartphone and Tablets.

Resuming that, Supacademia :

  • evaluate  your training needs and goals
  • propose to you an adequate e-learning solution at an affordable price
  • Implemente all your e-learning environment (intranet or internet)
  • setup a Learning management system able to provide all your training requests
  • Secure your training solution and hosting servers.
  • design your training solution with your company graphical chart (colors/logo..)
  • organise your e-learning administration (staff, procedures and relating processes)
  • train all your e-learning staff  to be able to take in charge and administrate your e-learning solution

In case of “outsourcing” your educational content and adminstration of your training, supacademia can:

  •  Prepare your eLearning content and configure it to your training needs (initial training / vocational / professional) and specification (courses / assessments / certifications, etc.)
  • Administer your platform (content and container)
  • Ensure maintenance, updating and security.


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